hvad betyder pabx

pabx er et telekommunikations system der interfacer med isdn (dssi) protokollen.
isdn står for ‘Integrated Services Digital Network’

isdn / pabx ressource

wikipedia er en god ressource for pabx viden = Private branch exchange PBX, PABX, EPABX står for det samme

    Hvad er TAPI
    Hvad er CAPI

Forskellige typer access interfaces til isdn:

Basic Rate Interface (BRI): bri interface  kaldes B kanaler og består af 2 stk 64 kbit ‘bearer kanaler og En 16 kbit D kanal som bruges til at opsætte kald

Hvad er Primary Rate Interface (PRI)
Hvad er Broadband-ISDN (B-ISDN)

Hvad er BRI ISDN : The entry level interface to ISDN is the Basic Rate Interface (BRI), a 144 kbit/s service delivered over a pair of standard telephone copper wires. The 144 kbit/s rate is broken down into two 64 kbit/s bearer channels (‘B’ channels) and one 16 kbit/s signaling channel (‘D’ channel or Delta channel).BRI is sometimes referred to as 2B+D
Hvad er PRI ISDN :  søg efter pri, Primary rate ISDN, known as ISDN-PRI, is an ISDN line with 23 DS0 channels and total bandwidth of 1,544 kbit/s (US standard). ISDN E1 (European standard) line is an ISDN lines with 30 DS0 channels and total bandwidth of 2,048 kbit/s. Because ISDN is a telephone-based product, a lot of the terminology and physical aspects of the line are shared by the ISDN-PRI used for voice services. An ISDN line can therefore be “provisioned” for voice or data and many different options, depending on the equipment being used at any particular installation, and depending on the offerings of the telephone company’s central office switch. Most ISDN-PRI’s are used for telephone voice communication using large PBX systems, rather than for data. One obvious exception is that ISPs usually have ISDN-PRI’s for handling ISDN data and modem calls.
Hvad er TEI: Terminal Endpoint Identifier, Terminal Endpoint Identifier(TEI) is a field in the Link Access Protocol – D Channel (LAPD) address that identifies a device on an ISDN interface.

MSN = multipoint connection 
DDI = point to point connection

External isdn connection 2 (S02)
internal/external isdn connection (s01)

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